Chicken Defeathering Machine

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Product Product features: Feathers Take Off Machine XF-60

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Chicken Defeathering Machine XF-60

Overview of Chicken Defeathering Machine XF-60

  • The small chicken, duck and goose hair removal machine is a small equipment specially used for hair removal of chickens and ducks. The machine is made of stainless steel, with reliable performance, simple operation, flexible application, high production efficiency, especially suitable for small slaughtering.

Technical parameter of Chicken Defeathering Machine XF-60:

  •  Processing capacity: 300kg / hour
  •  Power: 220V
  •  Motor power: 1.5kw
  •  Dimensions (length X height): 600x600x700 (unit: mm)

Precautions of Chicken Defeathering Machine XF-60::

     1. Install the earth leakage switch on the grounding wire.
     2. Plug the power supply before using the machine, and turn on the switch to check if the turntable is working properly.
     3. Rinse the hair removal bucket after applying water.
     4. Use long-lasting rubber wool rods to wear or break, and replace them in time to ensure normal working efficiency.
     5. If you find that the rotation speed of the turntable is slow, you may slip the belt shaft. You should tighten the nut of the machine base and           pay attention to it should not be too tight.

 Note: can not be directly washed with a water pipe

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