Chicken Farm Cages 4tier H type 192 birds

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Layer cage capacity: 320 birds rearing chicken cages

FOB Price: $280-320/unit
Min.Order  : 10 units
Delivery  Time: 10-20days
Supply Ability: 600sets/day
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Chicken Farm Cages 4tier H type 192 birds

►Specification of Chicken Farm Cages 4tier H type 192 birds.
Description and demention of pullet cages: 1200*1229*2772mm; breeding area per cell: 3600cm²,and Number of accommodation will be 12birds of rearing chicken,It produced by XIANGFA POULTRY EQUIPMENT COMPANY should be one completed set.Which is a combination of cage wire mesh, H frame stand, water drinking line and chicken food line.
Tiers Item Cage Dimension Capacity/set Nest /set Area/nest Area/bird 
4-tiers XFH4-192 1200*600*400mm 192birds 16 3600 cm2 300cm2
Performance Chicken Farm Cages :                                                                                                    
1. Zinc-plated low carbon steel wire has strong tensile and compressive properties.
2. It is convenient to observe the growth of chicks, which is convenient for grouping and selection.
3. Automatic timing and clearing of feces effectively reduces the disease infection rate and mortality of chicks.
4. The trough is equipped with an adjustment plate, which can effectively meet the chick feeding at different growth stages, and has sufficient feeding, eating position, uniformity and health of the chicken.
5. Chicken feeding per unit area has increased by 50%-100%.
6. The pressure regulator can adjust the water pressure to a certain amount, and the water supply of each nipple drinker is evenly distributed to ensure sufficient water supply for the chicks.

Structural Characteristics of Chicken Farm Cages

►Chicken Farm Cages wire mesh : consists of bottom, top, spacedcage mesh,door and special card wire.
  • Weaving process: First welding and then bending
  • Surface:Galvanized or as your request
  • Shape: “H” type
  • Capacity: 192 birds/set
  • Usage: cage for broiler breeding from one days old
  • Advantages: smooth surface, good elasticity, high strength, and so on.
►Frame of Chicken Farm Cages :
  • Material:U Type rectangular tube with hot galvanized ,Angle Iron or 6mm thick steel flat
  • Weaving process: cutting, stamping, bending, welding, forming.
  • Advantages: strong, sturdy and smooth
  • Years of use: 20-25 years
►Water drinking line:
  • Highly precise stainless steel Ball
  • High sensitivity ,360 ̊ Active sealed stem
  • No leakage guarantees dry of chicken manure
  • Installation, disassembly,convenient and cleaning is easy no need for glue and bonding
  • 25# PVC round pipe
►Feeder though for Chicken Farm Cages:
  • Color: white ,green ,red or you request
  • Plastic food trough : raw polyethylene materials, super toughness, with anti-fall, anti-pressure, anti-aging
  • Characteristics: The trough is equipped with an adjustment plate, which can effectively meet the chick feeding at different growth stages, and has sufficient feeding, eating position, uniformity and health of the chicken.durable, transport does not occupy the place, will not damage.The design of the long groove edge of the feeder though is very good, which reduces the waste of the chicken food
►Front water Supply for Chicken Farm Cages:
  • In front of poultry house there is a filter for water cleaning , a medicator and water meter
  • Pressure regulator Concentration of chemical feeder is adjustable and the water meter is numerable
  • The pressure reglator it can adjust pressure at the outlet and has a recoil function

Professional For Chicken Farm Cages 

►The Chicken Farm Cages  is application range  for 1 day to 90 days  broiler chicken
  • Characteristic: It’s Specially designed and manufactured for broilers. 1-30days baby chicks feeding in the middle  floor cages, 30-50days growing chicks in the top floor cages and The bottom of the cages are for rearing broilers 50-90 days 
Accesseroies for broiler chicken cages

Comparative Analysis Chicken Farm Cages 

Related Chicken Farm Cages  equipment

►The following machine shoule be customer request:
  • It can be equipped with auto the operation is convenient, the labor productivity is improved, the economic benefit is high, and it is suitable for large-scale Laying hen culture matic feeding equipment, automatic water supply system and automatic cleaning system to realize the specialization and automation of equipment.

 ​►Packing and delivery of Chicken Farm Cages :
  • The bottom and top cage wire mesh make 6 pcs one bundle, The partition cage wire mesh make 12 or 15 pcs one bundle,the doors make 12 pcs or 60 pcs one bundle but they are bulk no package.
  • The Frame stands  make five five pcs per bundle but they are bulk no package.
  • Some fittings  are in plastic bags or cartons
  • LCL: first packed with plastic film  then shipping by pallets
  • FCL: The cage mesh and frame stand make by bundles ,and the accessories packing by plastic bag or cartons,
  • The chicken equipment by pallets.
  • Others packing and the poultry equipment  according to customer requirement
  • Battery chicken cage transportation
Broiler chicken cage farm

The advantages of caging broilers

Two methods​ of traditional farming : One is to raise the ground, that is, to lay a layer of soft stuffing such as rice husk on the ground of the poultry house, and to raise and manage the broiler chicken on the litter; the other is to raise the net on the net. In this way, broilers are placed on a net bed for feeding, and the incidence is greatly reduced by reducing the chance of direct contact of the broiler with feces and contaminants.
 In recent years, a more advanced broiler breeding model, broiler cages, is quietly emerging. What advantages does broiler cages have? The advantages of broiler cages are:
1. High level of automation: automatic feeding, drinking water, decontamination, wet curtain cooling, centralized management, automatic control, energy saving, reduced labor costs, greatly improving the breeding efficiency of farmers.
2, the flock is well-prevented, effectively prevent infectious diseases: chickens do not touch the feces, can make the chickens grow stronger, provide a clean and warm growing environment for the chickens, the chickens are healthy and the body condition is balanced.
3. Compared with the flat raise, the density of the stock is increased by more than 3 times, the utilization rate of the surface area of the house is improved, and the land can be saved;
4, saving feed: meat cages increase the growth rate and feed conversion rate, chickens are kept in cages, the amount of exercise is reduced, energy consumption is less, and waste materials are reduced. According to the experiment, cage cultivation can effectively save more than 25% of the cost of farming. The ratio of feed to meat in net or flat chicken is generally between 1.75 and 1.8:1, while the ratio of caged meat to meat is at least 1.61:1 and the highest is 1.7:1;
5, reduce the cost of medicines, at the same time can effectively control the occurrence of the disease, because the chicken does not touch the feces, and the use of closed houses, isolated from the outside, reduce the spread of disease; indoor comfortable environment is also suitable for the healthy growth of chicken.
6. Save time: It is convenient for breeding users to manage livestock and poultry, saving more time to deal with other things; using fully enclosed and fully automated farming mode, two people can manage a chicken house with 3-4 million chickens, which is very economical. 
In addition, flat farming or online breeding is to release a batch of chickens to clear the dung, so that a large amount of harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide will remain in the house, which is also the main cause of chicken disease, and caged broilers The conveyor belt can be used more frequently to remove the feces at any time and improve the air quality inside the house.
Therefore, on the whole, the advantages of cage farming benefit are more and more obvious. In the previous model of land raising and net broiler chicken, the profit of broiler farming was less and less, and many large-scale farming or group with funds, even small-scale Farmers have changed their own chicken houses into cages to further increase the scale and land utilization rate, and improve the breeding efficiency through scale effect.


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