Chicken Food Machine

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Product Product features: Chicken feeding trolley

FOB Price: $600-$800
Min.Order  : 1set
Delivery  Time: 7days
Supply Ability: 100units/day
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Westerm Union,MoneyGram




Chicken Feed Machine FeedingTrolley

►Chicken feed machine trolley working principle:  

  • Through the battery saving energy to get the job done
  • Using semi-Auto feeding machine cage cooperate with Auto Auger feed uploading device
  • Or using worker adding chicken food through worker push walking to complete
  • Automatic padding chicken food process.

►Characteristic of chicken feed machine trolley : 

  • Layered  feeding, the feeding amount of each auger can be adjusted separately and the feeding amount can be adjusted before use,so that accurate feeding can be easily realized
  • Double motors design
  • The feeding does not interfere with each other
  • Can walk at a constant speed and the speed can be adjusted
  • rapezoidal bridge structure, strong and stable

Battery charging design  for chicken feed machine trolley

  • Flexible and no need to connect wires
  • Supports up to four layers of simultaneous feeding, suitable for the placement of chicken cages

Chicken feed machine Application

For more information on chicken farming equipment:

Using layer chicken cage equipment produced by xiangfa company, the automatic control of feeding system, egg collecting machine system and chicken manure removal cleaning system can be realized, which has the advantages of easy operation, higher productivity and higher economic benefits

Chicken food machine,Feeding trolley  for sale

Chicken feed machine trolley

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