Cone Fan Butterfly Exhaust

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Product Product features: Exhaust fan cooling pad

FOB Price: $100-$280
Min.Order  : 1set
Delivery  Time: 7days
Supply Ability: 800units/day
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Westerm Union,MoneyGram



Cone Fan Butterfly Exhaust  For poultry farms

Cone fan butterfly type performance charaterstics :
  • Reasonable cone designing which can concentrate blowing and direction, so the air flow is bigger and the fan will be engergy-efficient lower noise. The frame is hot galvanized with advanced auto- machining techincs. the thickness of the galvanized layer is 275g/m,6  Blandes one fan with stainless steel blade,Model 430 BA. Do balance test to make suer the weith between each blade less than 1MM
Description of Cone Fan Butterfly type
  • Less investment, low energy consumption.
  • cooling effect is remarkable,mixer,moist air.
  • Air cleaner can reach 99%.
  • Convulsions ventilations used with wet cooling paid
Negative pressure fan applicable scope of Cone Fan Butterfly type
  • suitable for high temperature or smell of workshop, factory, farm
  • applicable to the labor-intensive enterprises, such as garment factories, all kinds of assembly shop, Internet cafes. 
  • horticultural greenhouses ventilation cooling, cooling on properties. 
  • especially suitable for the need to cool and place for a certain humidity: textile mill. 
  • suitable for warehousing logistics field

Note: The ventilation fan should work with cooling paid

Details of Cone Fan Butterfly type

Quanlity focus of Cone Fan Butterfly typeWheel of Cone Fan Butterfly typeLouver of Cone Fan Butterfly typebelt of Cone Fan Butterfly typeFlange of Cone Fan Butterfly typeModels size of Cone Fan Butterfly typePictrues of Cone Fan Butterfly typeQuanlity PK of Cone Fan Butterfly typeBlade of Cone Fan Butterfly typeMotor of Cone Fan Butterfly typeApplication of Cone Fan Butterfly type


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