Cooling Pad For Poultry

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Product Product features: Wet curtain Paper curtain cooling

FOB Price: $18-$30/M2
Min.Order  : 10M2
Delivery  Time: 7days
Supply Ability: 10000M2/day
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​​Evaporative cooling pad for poultry

Cooperate with negative pressure fan can be applied to poultry, livestock breeding, green house planting, gardening planting flowers, indoor temperature and humidification function such as industrial production.

Standard features of cooling pad

Wet curtain standard features: 1, using crosslinked polymer materials and space technology, with high water absorbability, high water resistant, mildew resistant, high cooling efficiency, long life and other characteristics;2, evaporative cooling efficiency more than 80%;3, natural water absorption, diffusion speed and efficiency of the persistent;4, do not contain more allergic substance, green, environmental protection, safety, energy saving, economy applicable

Application of cooling pad

Poultry and livestock: chicken farms, pig, cattle, livestock farming, etc.Greenhouse horticulture and: vegetables, seed storage room, flower planting, straw mushroom planting field, etc .Industrial cooling: plant cooling ventilation, industrial humidification, places of entertainment, precooler, air handling units, etc

Cooling pad standard models: 5060/5090/7060/7090

Note: The cooling pad should work with wind draught fan

Cone fan butterfly type 
Ventilation fan for poultry
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