Egg Printer Six-head

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Product Product features: Six-head egg inkjet printer

FOB Price: $3250-$5500
Min.Order  : 1set
Delivery  Time: 10-20days
Supply Ability: 50units/day
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Westerm Union,MoneyGram




Egg Printer Six-head /Six-head egg inkjet printer

The main parameters of the printing system of the egg printing system

  • Number of lines printed: 1-6 lines, printed word height: 6.3-1.27mm
  • Font selection: English, Chinese, numbers, Chinese characters, graphics (Logo), barcode, QR code (national standard font)
  • Menu language: English, Chinese, German, Japanese and other 10 languages ​​(optional).
  • Printing speed: 1 minute / 20 sets (600 eggs, 1 hour / 1200 (36,000 eggs),24 hours / 28800 dishes (864,000 eggs)
  • Automatic printing: date, time, serial number, shelf life, expiration date
  • Information length: 1-200 characters, special circumstances can be increased
  • Storage information: 100 pieces of information, special circumstances can be increased
  • The use of ink cartridges: sophisticated nozzles, laser optoelectronics, easy to install.
  • Computer link: Micro SD card
  • Power supply voltage: 110v-250v 50HZ
  • Machine weight: 15KG (including packaging, bracket, high resolution machine)
  • Machine power consumption: less than 30W
  • Use environment: temperature 0-40 degrees Celsius
  • Consumable life: parameters: increase 3
  • Standard cartridges: 6:
  • Printable amount: 8500 ounce eggs (for each tray: 5X6 = 30 eggs)
  • Total print: 255,000 
  • Sprinkler life: more than 5 billion inkjets
Egg Printer Six-head
parameters of egg printer six head
egg sample of Egg Printer Six-head
Applications Of Egg Printer Six-head
Details of Egg Printer Six-head High precision Egg Printer Six-head
Egg Printer Six-head fast printing speed
Egg Printer Six-head printing effect

Egg Printer Six-head printing effect2

Egg Printer Six-head picture

Egg Printer Six-head pictrues

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