Food Trolley Chicken Farm

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Product Product features: Chicken Feed Trolley Semi

FOB Price: $660-$880
Min.Order  : 1set
Delivery  Time: 10-20days
Supply Ability: 100units/day
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Westerm Union,MoneyGram




Food Trolley Chicken Farm Semi

►Food trolley chicken farm semi introduction:  

  • Semi feeding hopper 
  • Head tail and frame
  • Chicken food transport device can cooperate with Auger type upward feeding transport device or using worker adding chicken food through worker push walking to complete.
  • Material: Hot deep galvanization sheet
  • Walking trolley only

The equipment characteristic of food trolley chicken : 

  1.  Direct pushing, safe, convenient, energy-saving, no noise, small chicken response, the first in the world.
  2.  10,000 chickens can complete a feeding in 50 minutes.
  3.  The feed is less wasteed, the feeding is uniform, and the feeding amount can be adjusted according to the running speed of the feeding machine.

The working principle of chicken food machine trolley: 

  • Chicken feed machine has different configurations according to the form of the chicken cage, but each row of the food trough is straddled by a small rectangular box, the lower part of the box is in the shape of an inclined cone, with a conical flat mouth sitting in the food trough. When the worker push to move along the track of the chicken cage, the feed will fall down into the food trough along the cone surface to complete the feeding operation.

For more information on chicken farming equipment:

Using layer chicken cage equipment produced by xiangfa company, the automatic control of feeding system, egg collecting machine system and chicken manure removal cleaning system can be realized, which has the advantages of easy operation, higher productivity and higher economic benefits

Food Trolley Chicken eggs

food trolley chicken eggs

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