Hopper Feeding Machine

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Product Product features: Automatic hopper feeding machine

FOB Price: $2050-$3000
Min.Order  : 1set
Delivery  Time: 10-20days
Supply Ability: 50units/day
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Hopper feeding system for chicken farms

Hopper feeding system Characteristic:
  1.  automatic feeding mode control switch is carried out through the remote control to realize the installation of stroke   switch system for automatic feeding equipment of the machine, so as to ensure automatic shutdown after the   completion of feeding and reduce manual input.
  2. even feeding:The shoes according to the age of chicken feed the need for adjustment, uniform feeding, do not need   artificial material
  3.  uniform, save feed evenly fill through material pull system and feed to the manger, reduce feed splashing, saving the   cost of raising
  4.  save work quarter: save artificial time, stable operation, fast speed.
  5.  chicken containing size according to user's professional design tailored, data more accurate, more perfect machine  works
Introduction of automatic hopper feeding system: 
  • Frame head tail and frame
  • Chicken food transport device
  • Auger type upward feeding transport device
  • Power: 2.2 KW
  • Material: Hot deep galvanization sheet
  • Request a three-phase electricity industry
Parts of automatic chicken hopper feeding system: 
  • Feed lifting system, Feed transportation system and walking system

The working principle of hopper feeding system: 

  • The hopper feeding machine only has one feed hopper at the top of each chicken cage, and the volume of the feed box shall meet the feed intake of all the chickens in the chicken cage each time. There is a wring dragon at the bottom of the feed box. When the driving parts work, the wring dragon will rotate to push the feed out of the feed box, then slide on the track, and evenly transport the feed into the feeding trough to complete the feeding process.

For more information on chicken farming equipment:

Using layer chicken cage equipment produced by xiangfa company, the automatic control of feeding system, egg collecting machine system and chicken manure removal cleaning system can be realized, which has the advantages of easy operation, higher productivity and higher economic benefits

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