Manure Scraper System for chicken

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Product Product features: Manure scraper removal for chicken farms

FOB Price: $650-$1250
Min.Order  : 1set
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Supply Ability: 200sets/day
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Manure Scraper System for chicken farms

Configuration of manure scraper system :

  • Remove panel scraper: 8 mm thick steel sheet
  • Motor machine: 220V single-phase power supply and 380V three-phase power supply output optional
  • Accessories : Wheels ropes nuts and so on 
  • Manure waste: Make hollows and space for manure removal system
  • Ground: Concrete floor
  • Application: Bring chicken dropping outside house

The kinds of manure scraper system: 

  • Type1 :One main engine run 1 scrapers
  • Type2 :One main engine run 2 scrapers
  • Type3 :One main engine run 3 scrapers
  • Type4 :One main engine  run 4 scrapers

Structural characteristics of manure scraper system:

  • The scraper adopts a full set of hot dip galvanizing technology and is made of high-quality steel plate, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and long service life.
  • Sprocket wheel is made of high-quality carbon bonded steel, with long wear life.
  • The chain adopts crane chain, corrosion resistant, high strength, long service life and free of maintenance.
  • The corner wheel and built-in bearing extend the service life of the equipment, prevent the tray from falling off, solve the problem of the traction rope, and make the equipment work normally.

Advantage of manure scraper system

  1. It can realize unmanned management, automatically clear the feces at any time, set the time arbitrarily, and the operation is simple and quick;
  2. Manual temporary defecation, easy and fast operation, automatic manual conversion;
  3. Multi-stage power transmission, increase friction, strong power;
  4. 8mm round scraping board design, scraper automatic retracting, adjustable board position, small friction, clean feces clean;
  5.  Double tight rope mechanism makes the tight rope easier; 45# steel processed power wheel and driven wheel will never be damaged; anti-slip protection alarm device protects your traction rope Not damaged;
  6.  One main engine can run 1-4 scraping slabs, the longest scraping stroke is 140 meters, and the steel rope and polypropylene rope pulling method can be selected.

Comparison of scraper and  manure removal belt 

  1. Traction manure cleaning machine is mainly designed for the chicken farm ladder type cage and broiler raised bed type vertical manure cleaning system, each for 2-4 rows of chicken cage or broiler bed type manure ditch, can also be made into a mobile head, the width of the scraper according to the size of customer designed manure ditch.The special thickened scraper ensures the long service life of the machine.The scraper is made by high-precision CNC machine tool and never deforms.Special transmission chain wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long life.
  2. conveyor type manure machine can be directly transferred to the chicken manure outside the chicken house, reduce the smell of the chicken house, provide a clean and comfortable growing environment for the chicken, chicken to epidemic prevention effect to reduce the incidence of disease, while saving labor costs, save time and effort to improve the efficiency of breeding, this is the magic power of conveyor belt manure machine.

Installation drawing of manure scraper system

manure scraper installation drawing

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