The chicken cage series produced by XIANGFA Company is a modern cage equipment designed to meet the requirements of the national standard breeding by the practice of many years. It has the following advantages: 1. Saving area, reducing investment and increasing egg production rate; 2. The automatic drinking water system can ensure the water pressure in the nipple is equal, and ensure the drinking water of the laying hen. 3. The design of the edge of the elongated trough is well decelerated, the waste of food is reduced, and the effective conversion rate of food is improved. 4. Egg automatic conveying system can improve the cleaning rate of eggs; 5. Automatic cleaning system ensures the cleanliness of the cage system, reduces the breeding of viruses, and reduces the disease rate and mortality of laying hens. 6. Convenient for disinfection, easy to control infection of parasites and helminths such as coccidiosis; 7. Good ventilation, ensure that the laying hens in the cage system will not die due to excessive temperature and suffocation.

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