Poultry Chicken Cage

Layer chicken cage  frame system produced by XIANGFA POULTRY EQUIPMENT COMPANY who has 30 years of production experience. It is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of different farmers. It meets the requirements of national standard breeding. Layer chicken cage  frame system of XIANGFA POULTRY EQUIPMENT COMPANY has the following characteristics:
  • Low investment and long service life of 25-30 years.
  • Save space and save land.
  • Concentrate on raising and increase egg production rate.
  • Centralized management, saving energy and resources, and improving labor productivity.
  • Eco-friendly, it is a green egg and is the ideal equipment for environmentally friendly egg products.
  • The ventilation effect is good, ensuring that the laying hen will not die due to excessive temperature and suffocation.
Features of the Layer chicken cage :
  • Layer chicken cage, Installation combination, easy to operate, durable
  • The surface of the cage is treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the gloss is beautiful.
  • Layer chicken cage is reasonable in design, good  lighting, which is conducive to the growth of chickens, high egg production rate and low egg breaking rate.
  • The cage has less investment, large amount of breeding, and high economic efficiency.
  • Layer chicken egg cages are well ventilated for open, semi-open and open sheds
Applicable chicken age in date
  • Layer chicken cage: chicken growing 60-Adult
  • Broiler chicken cage: chicken growing 1-90 days
  • Growing chicken cage: chicken growing 1-110 days
Layer chicken cage structure features:
  • The main body of the ladder type cage is composed of chicken cage wire mesh and chicken cage frame. The cage wire mesh is welded firmly, the structure is reasonable, the design is novel, and the layer chicken cage frame is firm and stable.
  • The accessory products of the layer chicken cage include the nipple water line and the feeding trough. The drinking water equipment is adjusted at the same time, and the water pressure is adjusted according to the age of the chicken, and the water supply is free; the feeding material is divided into laying hens, broilers and chicken special troughs, which are durable and low in price.
  • Related layer chicken cage equipment: automatic feeding system; automatic cleaning system; automatic egg system; can be selected according to customer needs.
  • According to the needs of market customers, XIANGFA POULTRY EQUIPMENT COMPANY can plan the service life according to different farming geography environment, choose different materials tailored to meet the planning requirements and return rate, XIANGFA POULTRY EQUIPMENT COMPANY provides several specifications for the production of egg cages, broiler cages and growing  chicken cages. : "A" type 2 tiers, 3 tiers, 4 tiers, 5 tiers; "H" 3 tiers, 4 tiers, 5 tiers, 6 tiers; welcome new and old customers to visit and guide, process custom-made Layer chicken cages for a nice tomorrow !