Straw Grinder Pulverizer

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Product Product features: Feed pulverizer multipurpose

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Min.Order  : 1set
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Supply Ability: 100units/day
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Straw Grinder Pulverizer

Description of Straw Grinder Pulverizer

The machine is reasonable in design, easy to operate, sturdy and durable. It is a new type of feed processing machine integrating weeding, hoeing, crushing and beating. The machine can not only cut corn stalks, sorghum straw, peanut stalks, sweet potato stalks, various pastures, branches, etc., but also can cut green corn stalks, bean stalks, wheat straw and other crops and wild weeds into silky feed. For cattle and sheep to feed, it can also crush corn, sorghum, dried sweet potatoes, broken bean cake, broken bones and other dry materials. After the straw is cut and pulverized, the contact area between the microorganisms and the grass in the rumen of the ruminant is increased, which is beneficial to the degradation fermentation, thereby improving the utilization rate of straw digestion. At the same time, the straw and the forage are chopped and twisted into a filament shape, which improves the palatability and utilization of the feed. Both the motor and the diesel engine can be powered. Applicable to small and medium-sized feed mills, farms, township enterprises and farmers to process a variety of livestock and poultry aquatic feed.

Technical parameters

Equipment model: XF-360A Production: dry 600-green 800 power 3 (kw)
Equipment model: XF-400A Production: dry 1000-green 1500 power 3 (kw)
Equipment model: XF-500A Production: dry 2000-green 2500 power 4.5 (kw)
Equipment model: XF-600A Production: dry 2500-green 3000 power 7.5 (kw)

Straw Grinder Pulverizer

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Details of Straw Grinder Pulverizer
Useing Straw Grinder Pulverizer

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