Strawberry Growing Troughs

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Product Product features: Commercial strawberry growing troughs

FOB Price: $5-$9/m
Min.Order  : 100m
Delivery  Time: 7days
Supply Ability: 20000m/day
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Westerm Union,MoneyGram




Strawberry Growing Troughs/Three-dimensional strawberry

Description of Strawberry Growing Troughs

1, The product name: strawberry, fruits, vegetables stereo planting groove
2. Specifications specifications (cm) : 30 * 20 x 25;18 * 16 * 12; 60 * 40 * 60; 50 * 40 * 50 other sizes can be customized
3. The products are all made of healthy environmental protection materials

Advantage of strawberry growing troughs:

1. three-dimensional planting groove series, simple manipulation, save space, save time, save energy, conducive to the growth of plants.
  • The products are all made of healthy environmental protection material.Stepwise planting groove used for strawberry planting, harvest is convenient, for strawberry planting meeted has many benefits.
2. Increase planting density, greatly increase production, facilitate production operations, and reduce labor intensity
  • In the production of strawberries, a lot of labor is needed to remove the old leaves, thin the flowers and fruit, and pick the fruits. In the traditional plane cultivation mode, people need to bend over and repeat the production operation, which is easy to cause fatigue and low efficiency. In the three-dimensional cultivation, the person can stand or bend slightly to operate, which reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency.

3. Avoid soil continuous cropping and reduce soil diseases

  • The substrate used for three-dimensional cultivation of planting trough is a mixture of red soil, peat soil and chaff. The cost of the substrate is low, and the production management is rich in fertilizer and water. The substrate is easy to disinfect and sterilize, and can effectively solve the problem of heavy cropping in strawberry cultivation.
4. Effectively improve quality and is suitable for developing sightseeing agriculture
  • The three-dimensional cultivation layered the space, the plants have sufficient light, the growth is robust, the fruit is evenly colored, and the fruit yield can reach up. The strawberries are all grown and hung outside the planting trough, neat and beautiful. Strawberries are grown in the planting troughs from the ground and high, and strawberries can be picked without bending over. Three-dimensionally cultivated strawberries are bright in color, good in taste, clean and hygienic, and easy to pick.

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