Ventilation Fan For Poultry Farm

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Product Product features: Chicken Farm Hammer Box Cooling Fan

FOB Price: $100-$280
Min.Order  : 1sets
Delivery  Time: 7days
Supply Ability: 800sets/day
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Westerm Union,MoneyGram



Ventilation Fan For Poultry Farm 

Description of ventilation fan: Size: XF-1380X1380X400mm,Blade:  430stainless steel ,Thickness: 0.46mm,frame:   430 stainless steel ,Thickness 0.8mm,Property:   Motor power1.1kw,Rotate speed of Motor:  1400r/min,Air quantity:  44800m3/hour,Blade speed:  439/min

Ventilation Fan heavy hammer
The model of  ventilation fan
Details of vetilation fan
Pure copper wire vetilation fan
high strength of vetilation fan
Dispaly of vetilation fan
back of ventilation fan
galvanized wire mesh of vetilation fan
Installation of  ventilation fan
Fixed the ventilation fanclosed the ventilation fan
Ventilation fan power distribution test machineVentilation fan application

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