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XIANGFA poultry Equipment Co., Ltd is a layer chicken cage manufacturer, It was founded in 1995 The company was established in 2014. It is a factory specializing in the production of poultry and animal husbandry equipment. The company has professional designers to guide the construction of housing structure and indoor layout for breeding users. And provide building materials. The main products are: layer chicken cage equipment and temperature control equipment, etc., automatic chicken equipment including, layer chicken cage, Battery Chicken Cage, Egg Laying Chicken Cage, Chicken Wire Cages, Chicken Cages Layered,Broiler Cages, Broiler Rearing Cages, Pullet cage, baby chicken cage, Cage Raised Chickens, feeding machine, egg collecting machine, manure removal machine; broiler free-range equipment including, automatic water feeding line, automated feeding line.Automatic feeder, crushing mixer, storage tank. The products for layer chicken cage farm have ventilation fan, cooling curtain, heating equipment heating furnace, incubation equipment, poultry slaughtering production line, disinfection equipment, and automatic chicken raising, pig factory steel structure Architectural engineering design. XIANGFA company has advanced production equipment, strong technical force, scientific technology, perfect quality inspection system, and the quality has reached international standards. The products are not only sold well in many provinces and cities, but also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa. Enterprise tenet: quality first, reputation first, reasonable price and prompt delivery. Welcome new and old customers to visit and negotiate! Create a better future! The classification of layer chicken cages: The layer chicken cage produced by XIANGFA company is divided into “A ”type and “H” type according to the frame of cage, which provides you with two, three, four and five-layers for you to choose. XIANGFA company has 20 years of production experience, advanced production equipment and technical strength. The chicken equipment has undergone strict quality supervision and testing, and the quality has reached the domestic advanced level. The products sell well all over the country and meet different regions, large or small farmers. The demand is the cage equipment for modern science. And exported to Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and other countries, received praise and loyalty from customers. Advantages of layer chicken cages: Save 70% of the rearing area relative to the ground, and increase the laying rate of laying chicken. Reduce investment, easy maintenance and maintenance Convenient for disinfection, easy to control infection of parasites and helminths such as coccidiosis. The automatic drinking water system ensures that the pressure of the water in the nipple is equal, ensuring the drinking water of the laying chicken. The design of the long groove edge is very good, which reduces the waste of the material. The ventilation effect is good, ensuring the air circulation in the cage system, and the laying chicken will not die due to excessive temperature and suffocation. Together with the septic belt system produced by XIANGFA POULTRY EQUIPMENT COMPANY, it can effectively reduce the growth of pathogens and reduce the disease rate and mortality of laying hens. Easy to install, easy to operate, rugged and airy, suitable for open, semi-open and open style houses. The surface of the layer chicken cage mesh is processed by galvanizing process, which is smooth and bright, and has good anti-corrosion effect. Cage frame structure is reasonable, stable and stable, suitable for 15-20 years Ventilation and lighting are good for the growth of laying hens, high egg production rate and low egg breaking rate. Low investment, large amount of support and high economic efficiency. Anti-corrosion surface of layer chicken cage : Electro-galvanizing, Hot-dip galvanizing, PVC coating and PVC dip four ways The layer chicken cage colors : Silver color— The cage wire after galvanizing processed or use Galfan wire Primary colour—The cage wire is not processed in any way White color,green color,yellow color,blue color that According to customer request—After PVC painting or PVC coated Welcome to Xiangfa poultry equipment--layer chicken cage